Ruby Beet & Pear Compote


1 (15 oz.) can

Sliced Pickled Beets

0.25 cup

orange juice, heated

0.25 cup

dried cranberries

0.5 cup

red onion, chopped


firm ripe large pear, chopped

3 tbsp.


1 tbsp.

prepared horseradish

0.5 tsp.

black pepper

0.25 tsp.

ground cinnamon


Original Recipe Makes 3 Servings

In small bowl, combine orange juice and cranberries. Let stand at least 5 minutes to allow cranberries to soften. Combine beets, onion, and pear in large bowl; mix gently. In separate bowl, blend honey, horseradish, pepper, and cinnamon; mix well. Pour over beet mixture; add cranberries and orange juice; mix well. Serve chilled or at room temperature.