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Press Release

Feb. 2, 2018 | Corporate

Seneca Foods and Burnette Foods, Inc. (“Burnette”) announced today that Seneca has completed the acquisition of Burnette’s maraschino cherry business. This business is based in Traverse City, Michigan and allows Seneca to supplement its existing maraschino operations and Burnette to enhance its core business.

“Burnette maraschino business has a history of providing quality maraschino cherry products to their customers. We are very excited about this acquisition as it is a nice complementary fit with Seneca’s existing cherry business,” stated Kraig Kayser, Seneca Foods' President and CEO.

“We are pleased to be able to sell our maraschino business to a high quality food producer as is Seneca. Maraschinos are a small part of our total sales and this transaction will enhance our ability to concentrate on our core business lines of shelf stable fruit fillings, apple products, vegetables and juices. We will continue to explore new products for our existing red tart and dark sweet cherry offerings,” according to William R. Sherman, CEO of Burnette Foods, Inc.

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