Responsibility & Sustainability

We Take Corporate Responsibility Seriously

The goal of any business is to embrace responsibility for their actions and encourage a positive impact on the environment, consumers, employees, and communities. To learn more about our company and how we take Corporate Responsibility seriously, please view our Corporate Responsibility Report.

Responsible Environmental Practices Take Hard Work

Effective environmental conservation requires strong practices in the usage of water, energy, and soil. Only then can we minimize the impact our business has on the environment. Seneca is dedicated to responsible practices across the board from recycling and lowering our carbon footprint to efficiently using energy resources, conserving water, optimizing packaging and practicing responsible integrated pest management.

We Believe in Protecting Our Environment

We feed the world, from the earth. It’s our job to make sure we’re contributing to self-sustaining practices. We are constantly developing and implementing new systems and procedures that not only keep us in compliance with ever-changing regulations, but also reflect our dedication to preserving a healthy environment.

Supply Chain & CA Disclosures

In compliance with California's Transparency in Supply Chains Act ("Act") and Seneca's commitment to conduct its business with integrity, Seneca has undertaken various steps to address the importance of preventing slavery and human trafficking in its supply chain. The vast majority of supplies for Seneca products are sourced and produced in the United States of America. Seneca works with direct suppliers to certify, contractually or otherwise, that the materials and products purchased by Seneca comply with the laws, including human trafficking and slavery, in the countries in which they are doing business. We work with our suppliers to evaluate and address risks, including human trafficking and slavery, and we have reserved, or will reserve, our rights to verify compliance through audits by Seneca or third parties, but third party auditors have not conducted such evaluations with regard to the mandates under the Act. Seneca does not condone or support human trafficking or slavery and will take necessary actions and procedures to address failures by suppliers and employees to do so in the supply chain. Seneca has and will continue to provide training to employees and management on the prevention of human trafficking and slavery or ethical behavior in conducting its business.