Fruit Cocktail

Our fruit cocktail is the standard of the industry, offering a selection of diced Clingstone peaches, diced Bartlett pears, whole seedless grapes, pineapple tidbits, and cherry halves. A tasty and consistent mixture allows for easy control of serving size and has endless applications.

TypeShelf Life

Extra Cherry, Light Syrup, Heavy Syrup, Pear Juice Concentrate, Sweetened with Splenda®, or Water

36 months when stored at optimal conditions

Net WeightCase Weight
8.25 oz. - 8.75 oz.
16 lbs.
14.75 oz. - 15.25 oz.
27 lbs.
29 oz. - 30 oz.
26.5 lbs.
Package ConfigurationCase Dimensions
24 cans/case
11"(L) x 8-1/4"(W) x 6-3/4"(H)
24 cans/case
12"(L) x 9"(W) x 9"(H)
24 cans/case
16-1/4"(L) x 12-1/8"(W) x 4-3/4"(H)