Bean Salads

Fresh green and yellow cut beans, wholesome red kidney beans, spicy onions, and red peppers in a delicately flavored tangy vinaigrette are what our 3- Bean Salad is all about. For added flavor and a different twist, stock our 4-bean mixture with garbanzo beans.

Made with the finest kidney and black beans, whole-kernel corn, hominy, and red and green peppers, our Southwestern Bean Salad is a remarkably versatile product. It's perfect for use in wraps, tacos, burritos, or as a main dish by adding shredded chicken or beef. Use in a dip with tortilla chips or put some on a bed of lettuce topped with tomatoes to create a healthy, nutritious salad.

TypeShelf Life

3-Bean or 4-Bean

Glass: 24 months when stored at optimal conditions
Cans: 36 months when stored at optimal conditions

Net WeightCase Weight
425 g.
13.5 lbs.
439 g.
19 lbs.
1.4 kg.
22 lbs.
3 kg.
46 lbs.
Package ConfigurationCase Dimensions
12 cans/case
12"(L) x 9"(W) x 4-1/2"(H)
12 jars/case
12-1/2"(L) x 9-1/2"(W) x 4-7/8"(H)
6 cans/case
12-7/8"(L) x 8-5/8"(W) x 7-1/4"(H)
6 cans/case
18-3/4"(L) x 12-1/2"(W) x 7-1/4"(H)